UAV Applications

Today, most electric UAVs have a short battery life and require human interaction for recharging or battery replacement.

Solace is helping UAVs achieve their full potential in becoming a truly disruptive technology.


Automotive Applications

Imagine a world where there are no bulky cable harnesses or connectors. This will lightweight vehicles, simplify assembly and reduce maintenance.

Think about a car door or seat as a fully enclosed module, with no cables or breakpoints.


Power Across Rotating Joints

Whether it’s in a helicopter, a robot, or a security camera – slip rings are a part of rotating life. 

Solace’s wireless power technology can allow manufacturers to build lighter and fully enclosed non-contact slip rings.


Soldier Systems

As technology evolves, soldiers have to carry more batteries and cables in the field – limiting their mobility.

Wireless power can allow the soldier to carry one battery to power all devices, creating a wireless power ecosystem. Staying charged is no longer a concern!


Improve Manufacturing

In an environment where dirt, wear and tear are all common concerns, wireless power can be implemented to reduce maintenance costs and increase flexibility of production lines.


Looking for More?

Not yet sure what you would wirelessly power? Explore the benefits of RC² technology and come up with your own application ideas.

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