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Solace integrates wireless power technology into your existing products. Solace’s intelligent, wireless power solutions enable our customers’ products to achieve higher performance levels, resulting in increased up-time and improved maintenance processes. From automotive systems, military and defense, to medical equipment and business systems, Solace’s technology is built for a diverse range of industries and applications.

Our commitment to innovation and strategic development has resulted in projects and partnerships with some of the largest names in industry.




The introduction of 5G technology will dramatically improve the performance and reliability of our networks in the coming years. Making 5G a reality requires the installation of an extensive amount of new Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) terminals. Today, the end-user installation phase relies on traditional methods, including drilling holes through windows or walls. By eliminating the need for invasive installations, telecom service providers will reduce installation time and maintenance costs, and in the process, realize savings in the millions of dollars.

Solace’s Equus modular platform delivers power and data wirelessly and without the need to drill holes. Optimized for telecom equipment, Equus delivers over 100 watts of power at greater than 80% efficiency through variable types and thickness of windows and walls. This leap in capability enables a premium product that offers fast and easy installation and does not require a costly installation team. Self-installation just became practical.





Using wireless power, automotive manufacturers can improve their production assembly times, eliminate power distribution concerns, and solve design challenges. Imagine a world where there are no bulky cable harnesses or connectors. Wireless power can eliminate many of these components and open a world of possibilities:


Imagine an infotainment system built as a fully sealed unit without protruding power cables. Wireless power enables dashboard electronics to be easily installed or upgraded in a vehicle.


Autonomous vehicles and wireless power go hand-in-hand. Seats can move forward, backward or turn 360 degrees using Solace’s wireless power technology. Solace eliminates the need for connectors and cable harnesses, building new functionality into seat manufacturing. 


Eliminating the cable running from the vehicle to the door or the hatch means removing a common break point, and makes installation and maintenance a hassle-free task – all while reducing weight.

Interior Lighting

Power all LED lights wirelessly within the vehicle without connectors or cables for each individual light. Wireless power can change the way we design and manufacture vehicles and exceed customer expectations. 





Wireless power is moving into the hospital environment, as management and healthcare teams are turning to new technology to improve operational efficiencies. A difficulty faced in the maintenance of medical equipment is the requirement for human interaction to change or recharge batteries, which results in unnecessary downtime in equipment use and an interruption in patient care.

Solace is working with medical equipment manufacturers to integrate wireless power into products such as hospital beds, medical trolleys, portable diagnostic equipment and hospital room furniture. Using our electric field-based technology, we can integrate wireless power charging into medical tools, workstations and furniture. Imagine a hospital or operating room with a transmitter on the wall that powers equipment without cables and batteries; where staff can simply access charging stations strategically located around the room.



Office Interior


The office of the future is shifting. Power distribution has become an important aspect of the modern office, especially in meeting rooms where teams spend extended periods of time working together. The equipment they use, including desks, conference phones, speakers and laptops need to be able to be reconfigured.

Office spaces are becoming increasingly open and collaborative which is changing how office furniture is designed. The biggest challenge for business system and furniture manufacturers is transferring power between tables, chairs and other equipment used in office environments.

Solace’s wireless charging products modernize offices and transform traditional workspaces by building power into products. The easy integration of the technology means it can be installed in floors, walls, tables and other structural pieces without impacting product design or aesthetic of a room. A wireless power ecosystem enables manufacturers to deliver additional power options and convenience to end users.



Aerospace & Defense


Solace’s wireless charging technology has proven indispensable in the military and defence industry, improving capabilities and supporting innovation. The ability to charge batteries, GPSes, and radios wirelessly eliminates the need for chargers and other accessories. Solace’s technology is flexible and lightweight and can be integrated into air, water and surface systems. 

Wireless power ecosystem for soldiers

  • Seat-to-soldier and other natural charging scenarios

  • Charging accomplished without behavior changes

  • Improved safety with reduced battery weight and cables

  • Reduced cognitive burden with concern for device power

Missile systems

  • Enables advanced health and usage monitoring system (HUMS)

  • Less frequent human inspection and enhanced data collection

  • Ability to monitor while in storage and in transport

  • Reduces cost by removing expensive military grade system connectors

  • Conformal resonators fit the form factor of missile systems

Slip ring technology

  • Reduces weight

  • Increases component lifetime

  • Builds fully sealed housings

  • Reduces system and maintenance costs

Mobile robotics

  • Enables autonomous operation for air, surface and underwater systems

  • Enables omni-directional docking

  • Develops fully sealed systems

  • Improves up-time with modular components



Industrial Automation


Incorporating wireless power charging systems into industrial environments delivers efficiencies in manufacturing processes. The use of automated machinery and robots presents numerous challenges that can be addressed with Solace’s built-in resonant capacitive coupling technology. Using sensors, it can detect the presence of any object that is not supposed to be in the wireless power field and will shut down immediately.

In warehouse environments and office buildings where autonomous robots are used for retrieving inventory and for security patrol, robots running low on battery charge must return to a designated charging area. Solace’s wireless power solutions can be placed in the warehouse floor so the robots constantly charge as they move along the floor.

It’s a similar case with slip rings used in robotic arms, which become damaged and wear out over time. Using a wirelessly powered slip ring reduces the need for maintenance and increases the product life significantly. The same holds for auto-tool changing robotic arms. Auto-tool changing increases the efficiency of a robotic arm. Wirelessly powered slip rings can enable rotation at 360 degrees, increasing freedom of movement of the arm. 



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Since 2007, Solace has been delivering real solutions to real-world customer problems. From turnkey wireless solutions to fully customizable projects, our business model remains simple; we put wireless power to work.