Wireless Power Solutions by Solace

The Equus Family


Power, Sense and Data


Our Equus™ platform is driving higher value in applications by challenging conventional power architectures. Using proprietary electric field-based technology, Equus delivers wireless power at greater distances with multiple benefits, including flexible product design and built-in safety features.


Modular Equus System Architecture


Putting Equus to Work for You

Since 2007, Solace has been delivering real solutions to real-world customer problems. From turnkey wireless solutions to fully customizable projects, our business model remains simple; we put wireless power to work.





Utilizing Solace’s patented resonant capacitive coupling (RC²) technology, Equus delivers 200 W across 250 mm. RC² provides non-contact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields. Wireless power transfer through electric fields does not heat metal objects and allows for easy energy shielding with conductive material.



Equus Flex


Equus Flex is a 100 W variable-distance wireless power solution utilizing Solace Power’s patented resonant capacitive coupling (RC²) technology enhanced with data and capacitive sense capabilities. This solution provides non-contact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields. Equus Flex features an integrated impedance matching network enabling continuous power transfer over a range of displacements and environmental changes. The solution can be customized to perform at distances and impedance specific to product needs. The Equus Flex solution does not heat metal objects and is easily shielded with lightweight conductive material.