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Our Proprietary Product Platform


Our Equus platform is driving higher value in applications by challenging conventional power architectures. Using proprietary electric field-based technology, Equus delivers wireless power at greater distances with multiple benefits, including flexible product design and built-in safety features.


Equus Platform Modular System Diagram




Utilizing Solace’s patented resonant capacitive coupling (RC²) technology, Equus delivers 200 W across 250 mm. RC² provides non-contact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields. Wireless power transfer through electric fields does not heat metal objects and allows for easy energy shielding with conductive material.

Equus Product Platform:

Equus 15W (Coming Soon) Equus 60W Equus 100W Equus 200W


Equus Flex


Equus Flex is a 100 W variable-distance wireless power solution utilizing Solace Power’s patented resonant capacitive coupling (RC²) technology enhanced with data and capacitive sense capabilities. This solution provides non-contact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields. Equus Flex features an integrated impedance matching network enabling continuous power transfer over a range of displacements and environmental changes. The solution can be customized to perform at distances and impedance specific to product needs. The Equus Flex solution does not heat metal objects and is easily shielded with lightweight conductive material.

Equus Flex Product Platform:

Equus Flex 60W Equus Flex 100W (Coming Soon) Equus Flex 200W (Coming Soon)



Resonant Capacitive Coupling (RC²)

Powering Equus Platform


Solace is a pioneer in the development of electric field-based technology for wireless charging. We’ve developed a unique, proprietary approach to wireless power called resonant capacitive coupling or RC². From increased up-time and improved maintenance processes, Solace’s technology delivers intelligent solutions to the most demanding customer challenges.

RCC-System-Diagram-Animation (No Text).gif

1. A power inverter converts DC power into RF power. (Our system is power source agnostic)

2. Power inverter feeds a resonator.

3. A voltage develops across electrodes forming a wireless power link, resulting in a electric field surrounding the transmitter.

4. Electrodes on the receive resonator induce a voltage enabling power transfer.

5. A load is connected to the receiver, extracting power from the circuit and being charged or powered.


Using electric fields, we’ve built the Equus platform of products. It is an industry-leading workhorse that delivers power and sensing capability at greater distances than our competitors. An extensive portfolio of research and development has resulted in proprietary technology that delivers power, sense and data in the harshest environments, using the highest in safety and compliance standards.

The intelligent design, backed by over 10 years of research and development, allows complete spatial freedom with flexible and conformal end product design.


The RC² Difference

  • Continuous delivery of up to 200 W of transfer power at distances up to 250 mm

  • Built-in proximity sensing (detects foreign objects and people)

  • Transfers power without heating nearby metallic objects

  • Easy integration - uses a flexible and conformal electrode structure, which can be as thin and flexible as a piece of foil

  • Superior freedom of movement and misalignment tolerances

  • Pre-compliance tested to meet FCC and CISPR regulatory standards


Powering the Biggest Names in Industry


An extensive research and development portfolio has resulted in projects and partnerships with some of the largest names in industry. Ranging from automotive to aerospace and defense, Solace’s workhorse technology is helping improve capabilities and driving higher value in customer applications around the world.

Solace has partners and customers across many industries, including 6 Fortune 500 companies. We choose not to make that list public for the protection of the competitive position of those companies.



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Various pending patent applications in Canada, U.S. and other countries.