So what makes us different?

At Solace, we've taken a unique approach to wireless power.

We use electric field RC² (Resonant Capacitive Coupling) technology, which allows complete spatial freedom and misalignment for your applications, while also allowing flexible and conformal end product design.

We provide wireless power without compromise – so you don’t have to change the way you do things.

Greater Spatial Freedom. You shouldn't have to compromise your behavior for wireless power. Gone are the days of precisely lining up your electronics for charging. RC² provides significant advantages with respect to positioning. Devices can be powered or charged anywhere within the energy range



No Heating Metallic Objects. Solace’s technology uses highly resonant electric fields that do not easily couple to metallic objects. For the end user this means coins, keys, tools or even credit cards, won’t be heated or impacted if placed within the charging field – and it won’t interrupt your device charging!



Easy Integration. Our technology can be easily built into your product! We use a flexible and conformal antenna structure, which can be as thin and flexible as a piece of foil. The size and shape of the receiver can be adjusted to match the requirements of any application – whether it’s a soldier’s helmet, interior vehicle lights, or a conformal battery.


Lightweight. You don’t want the weight of your product to be increased with bulky technology – neither do we. Our technology will lightweight your applications. The components we use consist of flexible, thin conducting materials – and if shielding is required for your application, we can use standard lightweight fabric instead of heavy ferromagnetic shielding.