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Solace integrates wireless power technology into your existing products. Solace’s intelligent, wireless power solutions enable our customers’ products to achieve higher performance levels, resulting in increased up-time and improved maintenance processes. From automotive systems, military and defense, to medical equipment and business systems, Solace’s technology is built for a diverse range of industries and applications.

Our commitment to innovation and strategic development has resulted in projects and partnerships with some of the largest names in industry.




The introduction of 5G technology will dramatically improve the performance and reliability of our networks in the coming years. Making 5G a reality requires the installation of an extensive amount of new Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) terminals. Today, the end-user installation phase relies on traditional methods, including drilling holes through windows or walls. By eliminating the need for invasive installations, telecom service providers will reduce installation time and maintenance costs, and in the process, realize savings in the millions of dollars.

Solace’s Equus modular platform delivers power and data wirelessly and without the need to drill holes. Optimized for telecom equipment, Equus delivers over 100 watts of power at greater than 80% efficiency through variable types and thickness of windows and walls. This leap in capability enables a premium product that offers fast and easy installation and does not require a costly installation team. Self-installation just became practical.