Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

The reliance on traditional power sources presents significant challenges, impacting the efficiency, safety, and strategic capabilities of operations. Solace's wireless power technology offers innovative solutions to these issues. There are several specific advantages of using wireless power:

  • Increase Mobility: Traditional power sources often restrict the mobility of defense equipment due to cords and fixed power infrastructures.
  • Maintenance in Harsh Environments: The need for frequent maintenance or replacement of power sources in extreme conditions compromises operational readiness.
  • Reduce Energy Resupply Risks: Conventional energy resupply missions in hostile or remote areas pose significant logistical and safety risks.
  • Reduce Interoperability Issues: Different power requirements and connectors for various equipment can lead to compatibility and efficiency problems.
  • Less Operational Downtime: Reliance on wired power can lead to increased downtime during setup, reconfiguration, or power source failures.
  • Reduce Weight and Space: Heavy batteries and power cables add extra weight and consume valuable space in military applications.

Wireless power technology addresses these challenges by providing a robust, adaptable, and seamless power solution, enhancing your operational capabilities.

Read more about the role wireless power can play in defense and aerospace in our whitepaper.

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