Solace Wireless Power TeChnology

What if you no longer had to deal with wires as a design limitation?

Engineering and product design teams unlock more freedom in design with Solace's industry-defining wireless power technology.

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use cases

Untangle your designs with practical wireless power applications

Replace wire harnesses

Wire harnesses limit design options and complicate manufacturing. Wireless power enhances design agility and simplifies production processes.

Power in harsh environments

Connectors fail in corrosive environments, but wireless power remains reliable, unaffected by extreme conditions.

Power rotating components

Slip rings and brushes degrade and contribute to design bulkiness, whereas wireless power is contactless and can be fully sealed.

Deliver heat to surfaces

Utilize induced currents to efficiently transfer energy to defrost or demist surfaces without direct contact.

For Telecom Operators
Better Network Performance. Increased Service Range. Designed for Self-Installation.

The LINXC Bridge is a powerful, self-installable device that brings all of the performance of an Outdoor CPE to the inside using LiFi technology.

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Industry-specific solutions

Unique industry demands require tailored wireless power systems


Explore Solace’s solutions crafted for the automotive industry and drive forward with new design possibilities.


Unlock self-installation of 5G FWA customer premises equipment with LINXC, Solace’s power and data through-glass product.

Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace & Defense

Equip your most critical applications with Solace's military-grade wireless power designs, engineered for defense and aerospace resilience.

Smart Home
Smart Home

Power outdoor smart devices with reliable and removable through-barrier (glass, walls, ...) wireless power solutions, replacing batteries or extension cords.

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

Increase capability, efficiency and automation of your manufacturing processes leveraging Solace's wireless power technology.

Up to 3kW of power output
Superior freedom of movement
Up to 40cm of transfer distance
No heating of nearby metals
Up to 1Gbps of data transfer
EMI & safety compliant
Industry-leading performance

Exceptional capabilities, secured by a comprehensive patent portfolio


We love to collaborate, but don't take our word for it...

The team at Solace is incredibly capable and can meet the most stringent design requirements.

Tom Thomas
PM- Strategic Partnerships

With Solace's wireless power technology, we can expand our portfolio of capabilities and unlock new design options that were previously impossible.

Brad Bosma
VP Product Development

For years, we've tried to use the force. Turns out Solace really brought the power performance we needed.

Luke Skywalker
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