Smart Home

Smart Home

The smart home industry faces unique challenges that wireless power technology is well-suited to address, enhancing convenience, functionality, and aesthetics in connected homes.

  • Supplying Power to Outdoor Devices: from locks to security cameras or decorative lighting, sometimes power is not immediately available so homeowners have to rely on batteries or extension cords. Solace can help bring power outdoors with our Power-Through-Glass solution.
  • Wire Clutter and Aesthetics: Wireless power reduces the need for unsightly wires, improving home aesthetics and design flexibility.
  • Device Integration and Compatibility: Facilitates seamless integration of various devices, eliminating compatibility issues related to different power requirements.
  • Installation and Retrofitting: Simplifies the installation and retrofitting of smart home devices, especially in homes not initially designed for smart technology.
  • Safety and Reliability: Enhances safety by reducing risks associated with exposed wires and electrical contacts, particularly important in homes with children and pets.
  • Energy Efficiency and Management: Offers potential improvements in energy management and efficiency, enabling smarter power use and contributing to sustainability goals.

Wireless power technology offers innovative solutions to these challenges, driving the evolution of smart homes towards more integrated, efficient, and user-friendly environments.

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