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“I joined Solace in 2020 after completing my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, and I have learned something new every day since day one. I’m currently developing tools for the engineering team that facilitate communication with our systems and testing. I expanded my knowledge in communications, instrumentation and improved my software design skills. The thing I like most about Solace is the work environment and team spirit. Each of us brings our expertise/knowledge, and we create a strong team by complementing the unique skills of each other. We all work as one and that’s what makes us thrive.”
Oihane Cereceda
Software Designer
"I love working at Solace because the work is technical, challenging, hands-on, and offers a great place to learn and develop skills for an up-and-coming electrical engineer. I spend time researching, designing, building, and testing wireless power systems, all while using an array of state-of-the-art equipment. However, what I value the most is the camaraderie and the support from everyone at work. It feels great to be in a team that takes an invested interest in my growth and encourages me to think outside the box to troubleshoot our systems. Oh, and the foosball table is fun too!”
Daniel Thorsen
Electrical Researcher
Having completed two work terms with Solace during my undergraduate degree, my interest in rapid prototyping was ignited. Solace has consistently demonstrated a commitment to "leveling up," constantly seeking innovative and optimal ways to cater to our customers' needs, often through the expansion of our manufacturing capabilities. The inclusive culture fostered by all the full-time employees makes it easy to ‘fit in’ and enabling learning beyond one's academic discipline.
Maddison Osmond
Mechanical Team Lead
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We're not here to fill a seat. We're at Solace to do the best work of our careers. We learn more about the science, technology, customers and applications every single day. We truly embrace diversity and believe that a healthy debate achieves our collective potential.

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