As the telecom industry pushes towards 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployment, they experience multiple challenges. Deciding on what mix of outdoor and indoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is best for any level of infrastructure investment is crucial.

Outdoor vs Indoor CPE

Indoor CPE can be self-installed, ensuring high take rates, fast deployment and reduced last-mile connectivity costs. However, indoor CPE reduces available link budget by 10-20 dB, which has a great impact on total network capacity and revenue potential. With outdoor CPE, you can reach up to 400% more customers due to the increased link budget, or get up to 300% more throughput. The challenge with outdoor CPE in return is installation, as it typically requires a professional install. These install costs can be as high as $400 per connection.

Best of both worlds with LINXC

Solace Power has developed a power and data through glass solution, which enables the self-install of outdoor CPE for a large number of homeowners. Total installation savings can be as large as $400 per connection.

  • Bridge the last mile with outdoor CPE connecting to an indoor gateway
  • Data rates up to 1Gbps, with more on the roadmap
  • Wireless power can supply up to 100W of continuous power to outdoor CPE through glass

Read our whitepaper on how Power and Data Through Glass can revolutionize the Telecommunications industry.

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