Powering the future of 5G deployment

Telecom Service Providers use Solace's self-installable wireless power & data through-window technology to reduce installation costs and maintain agility and speed in FWA and ONT deployment.

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Introducing the LINXC Bridge™️

LINXC helps you achieve outdoor CPE network performance with indoor CPE deployment cost

With Solace's wireless power & data solutions, Telecom Service Providers can achieve faster and lower-cost deployment of FWA and ONT networks.

The Future

Solace revolutionizes 5G FWA rollout by eliminating invasive methods and empowering customers with seamless, self-installable wireless power & data devices, ensuring faster deployment and cost-effective solutions for installation.

How it works

LINXC can be configured to deliver over 60 watts of power and can deliver 1 Gbps of data transfer

A wireless installation is faster, has lower risk, and enables self-instalment to help reduce costs for end-users.

Power through wall & window materials
Flexible indoor - outdoor integration
Ease of setup without property damage

Solace's wireless power & data technology is compatible with:

Integrated with 5G receiver
Connected to separate 5G receiver
Connected to optical network terminal

Experience the Solace difference

spatial freedom

Delivers power and data seamlessly through a range of material barriers, including brick, wood, stone, and concrete.

Ease of installation

Eliminates the need to drill through walls or damage windows during the installation process.

cost reduction

Minimize truck roll time and labor costs per installation while enabling end-user to self-install.

faster deployment

Improved indoor-outdoor functionality, eliminating the need to enter the customer's home or office during installation.

versatile solutions

Solace can deliver product models that support the entire range of power requirements for telecom use cases (3W - 250W).

Link-up with pureLiFi

PureLiFi’s data transfer solution delivers high speed data through a LiFi link with very low latency, allowing up to 1Gbps of data to be transferred through the LINXC Bridge without interference.

LINXC Bridge™️ at MWC Barcelona 2024

Power beyond

At Solace Power, our team of engineers and physicists have dedicated their careers to understanding and developing wireless power technology for real-world applications. Solace's diverse, adaptive technology can achieve your wireless power and data needs, practically and reliably.

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