It all started with a business trip – carrying 6 different cumbersome power cables and chargers, bunched into one small carry-on, all while running through airports … By 2007 we’d had enough. It was time for a better way; a more convenient way – so we started Solace Power.

As an R&D company, the first years of our life were spent researching wireless power technology to offer freedom of movement (translation: our engineers drank lots of coffee during late nights in the lab!).

After cracking the secret code, we produced our first wireless power prototype in 2012. Using our RC² technology, we have been refining, evolving, and pushing the limits of wireless power ever since.

Team Solace

We are proud of our fun culture and positive attitude!

It’s our ground-breaking new technology, combined with customer-centric R&D, and an all-star team that have led to Solace’s success (and will help us achieve world domination).