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Solace started nearly 10 years ago and our intense focus on 3W to 200W technologies for some of the worlds largest brands has yielded results which now enable the development of practical, high performance products for the professional user. In 2018, we started the transition to a product company with newly created modular platforms in wireless power, proximity sensing and data transfer. We also built a lab which enables rapid, in-house testing for pre-compliance FCC & CISPR certification. Now, frictionless slip rings, robotic quick change tools, full encapsulation, distance detection and charging are a reality with a Solace platform.

We are proud of our fun culture and positive, can do anything attitude!

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Solace People Value…

Delivering the extraordinary to the benefit of Solace’s longevity, its customers and the industry.

Creating and delivering smartly without being told to do so.  

Call us crazy but we love what we do. Solace people have an innate drive and ownership mentality leading to positive and impactful daily results.

We are a fun, creative, talented and diverse team that relies upon individual accountability and ethical behavior for delivering extraordinary team results. Solace people are a bit smarter, work a bit more intensely, a bit more innovative, and a bit more curious.  

Candor and curiosity are embraced in communication, in failure, in success.

We are a nimble, well prepared team with intense focus on delivering timely, customer-appreciated results.

On Time.
Fail fast, fail early…deliver on time.

The world is our stage, this is our time.   





We’re looking for talented, fun and interesting innovators to help us build technology that will redefine wireless power.

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